Restarting Running Post Pregnancy, Again

Your pregnancy is over! Congratulations, you have a cute new baby and it’s time to get your life in order. That includes restarting running post pregnancy, again.


This is round two for me and I’ve learned so much. There were many things I looked forward to post pregnancy, and running was definitely one of them. Like my first pregnancy, I ran all through my second, pausing a week before giving birth. I was definitely lucky to be able to run throughout my whole pregnancy without interruption, both times. Running post pregnancy has also been a blessing.

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Like the pregnancy itself, your post pregnancy is unique. No two are going to be the same, which leads me to what I’ve learned throughout my two experiences. Restarting running post pregnancy is well worth the effort and I have some important tips to keep it fun and rewarding and perhaps a family affair!


Running Post Pregnancy


Listen to Your Body

This is the one tip that you must keep coming back to during your post pregnancy running journey. After my first pregnancy, all of the pressure, tightness, and uncomfortable feelings just dissipated. I no longer had lower back pressure at all, but after my second pregnancy it took a bit longer for me to feel 100% again. It hurt to walk and I still found it hard to pick up my daughter. My sciatica pain did not subside right away either, so I had to adjust my running post pregnancy accordingly.

Even once I felt 100%, I didn’t push myself to run for another few weeks. I went out for longer walks and then I worked myself up to runs. During my second pregnancy, even though I dropped my weight quicker, I didn’t feel like myself right away. I needed to listen to my body and take my time.

Keep Adjusting Your Runs

I did this throughout both of my pregnancies and its opened me up to frequently doing this to stay versatile. In the past I would stick to certain running routes and resist branching out. Now I do the opposite and have so many different routes to run. I have many different distances, timed runs, and routes that I can enjoy. I love this because it allows me to adjust my runs as I see fit and as my body dictates. Listen to your body and adjust accordingly.

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When I first got back to running post pregnancy, I needed time to find my running legs. I felt slow and unlike myself. Now that I’m post three months of giving birth, I have my running legs back and its because I adjusted along the way. I’m now working on speed during some runs and distance during others. My pregnancy made it hard to run fast and go on long of runs, so now those are my goals to work on.


running post pregnancy
My beautiful running route in Los Angeles, CA.


Don’t Put Pressure on Yourself

If this is also your second pregnancy, then you have another child to care for. My second pregnancy felt much harder and running during it was much more challenging, especially during the final month. I ran pushing a stroller which also added to the challenge. Getting back to where I was pre-pregnancy has now been hard as well. I’m okay with that! I have two children and that takes a lot of out of anyone, so I’m thriving off this challenge, rather than pressuring myself into submission.

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I’m proud to say that I am upping my miles now three months postpartum. This felt like the right time for me, although I wanted to do it weeks ago. I avoided that internal pressure and took a step back. I acknowledged my challenge and what my body had just gone through. This made it easier to relax and let myself strength. My body now feels great, I’m getting more sleep, and I have more time to devote to running.

Remember to Have Fun

I always say this with running because if you’re not having fun, then why are you doing it? I love running! Even if it is hard, its still fun for me. The endorphins I receive post-run are great and I literally thrive on them! That post-run feeling is what I crave while running. Currently, I’m embracing all the solo runs I’ve been able to have since my husband is working from home. This has allowed me the freedom to run without pushing a stroller. On the flip side, I’m loving all the family runs we’ve been doing. This whole journey for me is fun because I love to run!

No matter where you are on your post pregnancy running journey, remember to embrace it. Embrace the challenge and the opportunity. Not everyone gets back to running at six weeks, two months, or even three months. Remember to work on your own timeline, not someone else’s. Running after my second pregnancy has been a different beast, so I keep reminding myself to embrace the process.


Your running journey is one that’s constantly adapting, growing, and changing as we go through life. Pregnancy and postpartum are just two hurdles on a longer running route. I’m grateful that I ran through both, again, and now I’m coming out in an even better place! Share with me any hurdles you’ve had postpartum as well as any tips you have.


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