Stay Consistent With Workouts Even When Life Gets In Your Way!

consistent with workouts

Life can get super busy and the first thing that comes on the chopping block seems to be workouts. It’s totally understandable, but when I committed to myself and decided to stay consistent with workouts, that’s when the real results came!


Real results come from consistency, no matter how large or small. While often daunting, it doesn’t have to be hard to stay consistent with workouts, even when life gets in your way! I learned how to stay committed and even enjoy every workout, no matter how hard. Hopefully my tips will help you too!

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It’s understandable why many people’s first instinct is to give up workouts when time is limited. Saying you don’t have time to workout is common, but also counterproductive. Staying consistent with workouts is all about setting yourself up for success and ensuring you always have time for exercise. I’ve definitely talked about this in the past, but its great to revisit at the start of each new year.


Tips To Stay Consistent With Workouts


Buddy Up!

Recently I had a friend ask if she could come running with me. I’ve always been open to running with others, but I’ve never wanted to compromise me. As I’ve been running with my friend, she’s been telling me how she wants to consistently run two days a week and she’s using me as her accountability. That is ABSOLUTELY great. We live down the street from one another and it’s very easy to run together. She doesn’t have to go out of her way and I don’t have to compromise anything with my daily runs. For my friend, implementing the buddy up philosophy works! It’s been fun for me too, since I have someone to run with and chat with and it hasn’t altered how I do my daily runs!

Create A Workout Calendar

This is down right the easiest way to stay consistent with workouts. I put most everything on my calendar and when I started consistently running outside, scheduling out my days to run was essential to my success. Even if you already workout, running is its own beast and you will be sore in places you’re not normally sore. Making sure you spread out when you run is imperative to your success.


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Be Honest With Yourself

Whatever style workout you gravitate to, being honest with yourself is paramount. Working out is wonderful, but you can still injure yourself. That is why I’m always honest with myself. If I need a rest, I take it, even if I scheduled myself to run that day. You have to always listen to your body. Also, there is a confidence that comes with honesty. I love to run outside and it doesn’t bother me to be by myself and run. This was something I wasn’t comfortable with at first. I built myself up to this so I could learn to enjoy it and be comfortable with running outside by myself.

Learn Your Style Of Workouts

A big goal of mine for years was to be able to just go out and run. I wanted to run effortlessly. Running is my preferred style of workout, but I also strove to be a consistent daily runner. This took a while to do, especially in the area I live in where there are a lot of hills. The reason behind my desire for this was simple enough. I knew that’s how I’d get maximum enjoyment. Now this doesn’t mean that I don’t have days where I struggle with my runs. But no matter where I go, I know I can run. I can run rolling hills, steep hills, long flats, trails, and long distances. I can run by myself and I can run with others. No matter what is thrown at me, I am a runner who can adapt and run.

Have Fun!

This is my staple of life. No matter what I’m doing, I always question myself. Am I having fun? With running I am always having fun. Even when it gets really hard, my body is so sore and I need to walk, I always still have fun. I loved the challenge of getting to the place where I’m truly a runner. Now I live in that place. I can go run anywhere, no matter the conditions, and it is always fun!


We’re deep into the busiest season of the year. The holidays roll into the new year and everything speeds up. I find that people’s workouts are the thing that gets slashed. I find that people tell me they’ll start back up in the new year, but once you stop, its so hard to start again. This is definitely a risky move and there is no real reason to allow this time of year to overtake your life. You can still stay consistent with your workouts, even when life gets in your way!


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