Make Exercise Fun by Combining it With Your Current Daily Routine

make exercise fun

We have enough chores without making exercise one of them, but what about combining two challenging activities into one that’s productive? We can make exercise fun by combining it with our daily routine!


Do you feel drained just thinking about going to the gym? If the thought of exercise kills your motivation to move, then you need another way to stay or get in shape from home or the office. You need to make exercise fun by including it in your daily routine! We all know that exercise is important for life and our health, but how we perform that activity varies greatly and truly determines how much fun we have doing it.

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The best way to make something like exercise fun is to keep it simple. Fortunately, it is estimated that Americans who live with their partners average nearly one full day (23.5 hours) per month cleaning and doing housework, which is almost six hours per week. That’s perfect exercise time! Not only does this provide ample time to workout throughout the month, but those chores or household activities can double as health boosters. Each activity that involves a lot of moderate to strenuous energy is also advantageous for burning calories and raising your heart rate. So, motivate yourself and include your exercise with housework that tones muscles, burns calories, and improves mental health. Make exercise fun within your daily routine.


Daily Ways To Make Exercise Fun

make exercise fun


Work on Your Hips and Thighs by Vacuuming

Cleaning the floor and carpet can be maximized by combining lunges with it. You can work your hips, thighs, and buttocks during vacuum sessions. Simply do the exercise by lunging forward. Bend your knees up to 90 degrees while keeping your back straight. For a deeper stretch, allow your knee to go over your toes. Switch your legs and switch your hands every five strokes to work both sides of your body equally.

Tone Your Lower Body With Laundry

Laundry can benefit your health as well, by combining it with squats. Tone your arms by keeping them lifted at a 90 degree angle while carrying the laundry basket. As you fold, work your legs with squats and lunges. Hold a squat while sifting through the laundry basket. Keep the laundry basket on the floor rather than in an elevated place when ironing. To reach the garments this way, you must bend and extend, exercising your range of motion and dexterity.

Work on Your Abs While Scrubbing

Scrub your floors instead of mopping them for a more rigorous exercise that will tone your abs and your arms. This is particularly fantastic for your abdominal muscles because of how the motion touches your core. Hold the towel with both hands and push your arms out in front of you while you wash the floor on your knees. When you lean forward, contract your abdominal muscles. It will enhance your stamina and work your core just like a traditional ab roller.


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Tone Your Arms While Dusting and Cleaning

Work your shoulders and arms when cleaning the sides of door frames, cleaning windows, taking showers, scrubbing floors, and mopping floors. Dust the furnishings in a circular motion with wide arcs that force your arms to work. Even polishing the furniture can tone the arms, especially if it requires heavy scrubbing. Wooden furniture of high quality should endure at least 10 to 15 years, but upkeep is still important and good exercise. The typical sofa in the United States is only six years old, so polishing will not only improve the appearance of old furniture, but will help you work up a sweat, which is great to do every day. To burn more calories, use more power or speed while cleaning or wiping.

Work On Your Legs in The Kitchen

The kitchen is not only a place to cook healthy meals for a healthy life, but also a place to exercise. You can perform physical activity in the kitchen rather seamlessly. Stand upright and activate your core muscles while mixing your cut vegetables or cooking on the stove top. Lift and drop one leg a few inches up and down for 20 pulses, pointing through the toes, all while preparing a meal. Then repeat on the other side. Two to three repetitions on each leg are effective for the back of the thighs, hamstrings, and hips.

Build Muscle While Completing Tasks at Work

Rather than sitting all day, stand between two tables so that you may accept a document from the right and spin to the left to complete it. This will engage your core and lower back. You will also work your shoulders if the table is high. The second thing you can do is lift the files and keep your elbows tight to your ribs. Lift and lower by bringing your arms all the way down to your abdomen and then back up to your shoulders. In addition, lean from side to side as you walk straight ahead at your workplace to stretch and twist your lower back. This is a common spot of pain and tension for many, easily stretched while walking down the hallway.

Do Your Cardio on a Pet Walk

Walking is another great form of fitness, and one that can easily help make exercise fun. If you feel too lazy to go out alone, then take a pet walk. Its not only people who need exercise, but pets also need to be active. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention is an organization that studies and raises awareness about the prevalence of pet obesity in the United States. They discovered that an estimated 60% of cats and 56% of dogs in the United States were overweight or obese. While you roam around and spend time with your pet, it will also count as a healthy activity for both of you.


Making time to exercise here and there throughout the day can be more satisfying than blocking out two hours for the gym. Even making time a home can be a challenge, so use your daily habits for some daily exercise. You will not only save money by working out during your regular daily routine, but you’ll save time and truly appreciate the times when your body needs to rest.


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