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The Offer Episode 8 is here and it’s once again Fact Vs. Fiction. This episode is so good! There is a lot of facts in this episode, but a lot of the details of how it played out is not true.


The Offer Episode 8 is here and we’re breaking down fact or fiction. This show gives us some crazy truth bombs. Many of the details are changed especially since this show really amps up the mob influence.

WATCH: Fact vs. Fiction with The Offer Episode 8

The James Caan/Giannni Russo on camera fight is true! Details are different. Russo didn’t really hit his costar, but the story is that they got into something when they were out at a bar one night. Russo says Caan almost got him beat up by some guy in the mob. Caan says the “fight was improvised.” Bettye was not involved.

Joe Gallo never had anything to do with The Godfather movie. He actually is killed on his birthday, but that wasn’t until after The Godfather had already premiered. I definitely see why they added him in to the story, but it’s a fabrication for the show.

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The whole Robert Evans story line with him being all coked out and it affected his work on The Godfather is not true. Evans did do a lot of drugs, party, and all that, but it never took the focus during The Godfather making. Also the timeline of the breakup of his marriage is off. His marriage ended up after The Godfather.

The Offer Episode 8 breaks down fact vs fiction! I’m totally digging on this show. Share with us yours and check out our fact vs fiction video.

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