Spring Running Check In: Get Healthy from Fitness

Spring is in the air and the weather is warming up, so it’s time for a Spring running check in! The new season is a great opportunity to wipe the slate clean and get healthy from fitness.


Winter is finally behind us and we all need a healthy distraction that makes us feel great. It’s time for a spring running check in! The new season is a perfect opportunity to wipe the slate clean, focus on the present, and get healthy from fitness. Keep your head up high and start sweating.

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No matter what happened this winter, let it go immediately. If your winter was cold and snowy and you didn’t run very much, move on and leave that in the past. Focus on getting better right now. Fitness brings good health and running is the most liberating form of fitness I know of. For you to have a successful spring, it’s time to focus on the present and lace up those sneakers!


Running Check In


First: Review yearly stats, then MOVE ON!

It’s easy for me to suggest that you let go of what’s happened this year, but implementing it is the best medicine. I know it can be hard, especially when you set expectations for yourself. That being said, take a moment to reflect on your running year so far. Take in all of the bad and the good, then be done with it! It’s the past and you can’t change anything. I’m personally at an awkward time, having just given birth and required to take some time off. All of the runs I’ve had this year make me feel grateful to have simply been able to run!

Second: Make a plan of action

My plan is to come back strong after recovering from the birth of my baby. Running has been hard over these past few months. Being so pregnant was a real challenge, but I pushed through it. I’m excited to let go of the extra weight and the little life inside of me. Make your own plan and then execute. By yourself a new running jacket you love, then get out there and breath. I’ll need to work my way back into my former running condition, but also let go of my past self. Running six days a week is my goal once again, with mileage similar to pre-pregnancy.


running check in


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Third: Embrace change

I love when we spring forward, even though the time change takes a bit of getting used to. Losing an hour always catches up to me, but I appreciate the flip side even more. It’s so nice that its sunny later in the day. This allows you to go on longer runs, or actually get outside to run now that it is still light out. Embrace every change with a smile.

Fourth: Remember why you run

If you run, then you have a specific reason why. Health and well being are top on my list, but its also great “me” time away from life. Most people I know who run either love it or hate it. Those who dislike it are always caught in a start/stop pattern. For the rest of us, we’re drawn to it for a specific reason. I love running and love the way it makes me feel. Once I got past the initial “difficulty” of it, I let myself be free to just run any way that makes me happy. It’s my daily “me” time and I wouldn’t change that for anything.

Finally: Just go for it

No matter where you’re at on your running journey, take this spring running check in as a chance to simplify and just go for it. Let all of your expectations go and just embrace running. Every morning I get up and can’t wait to go outside for a run! Once in awhile there’s a day when that I get up and say not today. But normally the chance to run excites me. With each new season, every change and adventure, I’m excited to bring running along with me.


Just as a new month brings endless possibilities, spring running does the same. I’m a big proponent of checking in on yourself, evaluating where you’re at, and then letting it all go. That’s what our spring running check is all about! Focus on your health via your fitness. Happy running!


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