Men’s Pants redefined with Kuhl’s stylish hiking pants

men's pants

Versatile fashion for men does exist. I found men’s pants that look stylish and dressy, but are made for hiking and fitness. They are literally adventure pants by Kuhl.


Men’s pants rarely surprise me. There are a set few varieties and that’s basically it. I love jeans and khakis, as well as joggers and workout pants. Most have a definitive style and function that they excel at, but very few pants truly crossover in-between. Kuhl’s stylish hiking pants are three of my favorite styles all in one and they totally crush it.

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I had the pleasure of trying Kuhl’s men’s pants, specifically their hiking pants. They are designed with adventure in mind, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m highly active and prefer comfortable pants with a style all their own. Kuhl’s Silencer Rogue hiking pants capture all of those things. I can wear them hiking, sure, but also for daily use. They look like khaki pants, so you can totally dress them up, but they are also waterproof, so they’re perfect for active living. These pants are light weight, full of hidden pockets, and cut with style in mind. I’m hooked.



Kuhl Hiking Pants Rock Because:

  1. Light weight and flexible
  2. Water resistant (liquid beads off them)
  3. Dressy look with a workout feel
  4. Tons of pockets (no cargo pockets)
  5. Perfect fit

I’m loyal to my brands once I find something I love. Kuhl has joined my very small list, and I’m not just saying this because I was asked to review their men’s pants. I want a black pair and a brown pair so I can wear them every day and for every occasion. Since I live in Los Angeles, I probably won’t wear them hiking. I prefer to keep them clean and wear them to the beach. But these pants can withstand any adventure.


men's pants


Meet Your Adventurer:

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Men's pants

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