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The landscape of work is shifting our productivity is more important now than ever before. These work from home tips will help you be the best you can be.

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Every smart businessman and serious employee likes to see the industry they work in improve. Maximizing our ability to work from home is one of the easiest ways to do so, but there are so many other ways to improve. For example, a report by Grand View Research indicates that the global specialty gas market will be firmly driven through 2020. This is thanks to efforts in cost reduction, yield improvements, and performance optimization. Boosts in productivity and profits across an entire industry are great, so how’s your personal productivity? How are you learning to work from home?

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If you’re not sure or you think your work ethic could be better, these tips will help you grow from being a good worker into a great employee. Read on for the top tips on improving your productivity at work, both at home and in the office.


Top Work from Home Tips


Keep Track of Time with a Calendar

Do you often find yourself losing track of your days, and being unprepared for important dates as a result? If so, you should consider making your calendar a daily organizational tool. Calendars are everywhere, and it’s easy to take them for granted or assume they aren’t that necessary. But if you start every day by looking at your planner, and update it every time you make an appointment or receive a deadline, it could completely change your life.

This is a very simple tip, so simple that it might not seem that useful. But building the habit of checking your calendar every morning won’t take much of your time. If it saves you from missing just one important deadline, isn’t it worth it?

Make Your Office Greener with Plants

If you’re able to decorate your workspace, it’s something you should definitely take advantage of. Anything you do to make your workspace more interesting for yourself can help alleviate boredom and lethargy, making you more productive. Some people use posters on the walls, or place figurines or photos of their family members on their desk. You could even keep a fishbowl nearby. But one of the best things you can do for your environment is keeping indoor plants.

Besides making your space more interesting, houseplants help purify the air. You may also find that having a plant nearby helps you feel connected and grounded. Even the color green itself may have an uplifting effect on your mood. Many plants require very little light, so find the variety that best fits your own unique office environment.


Get Your Vision Checked

Do you sometimes struggle to see fine print and other details while you’re at work? If you have difficulty seeing or experience chronic headaches while working, you should consider having your vision checked. A full 40% of all Americans have myopia and require glasses. It might be time to get some yourself if reading has become a chore. If you already wear glasses, you should remember to occasionally visit your optometrist to have your vision checked again, just in case your prescription needs to be updated.

Do Your Hardest Task First

What’s one of the best ways to guarantee your productivity for the rest of your day? Do the one thing you dread doing first. Success guru Brian Tracy famously calls this the “eat the frog” technique, and it was inspired by Mark Twain when he said, “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”

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When you make it a rule to do the worst thing on your list first, that opens up your mind to be more creative for the rest of the day. Since you no longer have that one nagging task looming over your head, you can put your energy towards other things more effortlessly. Besides, who wants to go all day feeling terrible about the one task they’re putting off?

Plan Each Day the Night Before

Much like calendars, to-do lists are marvelous productivity tools. But to get the most out of them, it’s important to make your list for the next day before you go to bed the night before. Having a to-do list already prepared can give you a significant head-start on the new day. It can also give you time to mentally prepare before you start working, both during the evening and in the morning. Some people think that having tasks in mind to work on the next day gives them time to “marinate” while they sleep, as if the mind subconsciously prepares itself for work while you’re sleeping.


Begin Using Your Mind First Thing

No matter how you begin your work day, you should be mindful of what you’re doing with the time beforehand. If you spend it browsing social media or watching mindless videos, you might want to reconsider. Not only is this “intellectual junk food” probably a poor use of your time, it also fails to prepare your mind for actual work. Entertainment is best saved for the end of the day, because it causes your mind to wind down and become fully distracted from real life. Obviously that’s not something you want to happen before you start to work from home!

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Instead, spend your spare time in the morning doing something to engage your brain. If motivational books make you feel invigorated and determined, then listen to motivating audiobooks during that time. If simply learning something new really gets your gears turning, listen to audio courses or read informative books before you begin your work day. And if you usually spend some time watching TV during breakfast, there are thousands of inspiring and education videos on YouTube that you could start with.

Remember to Dress Comfortably

When you think about productivity hacks for work, the way you dress might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But you would be surprised how much of an impact the clothes you wear can have on your workday. It’s most important that the clothes you wear to work are comfortable. Tight, restricting shirts or pants can distract you from what you’re working on and make it hard to breathe freely. If you spend all your energy putting up with uncomfortable clothing, it can dramatically decrease your working potential.

Shoes are an especially important part of your work uniform. Doing work at home means you can get even more comfortable, but heading to a meeting doesn’t mean you must button up. Heels and dress shoes can be very bad if they make your feet uncomfortable. Again, discomfort in one part of your body can be a serious distraction from work, ultimately decreasing your energy. You also want to be sure that your shoes are safe for your work environment, because 22% of all slip and fall incidents yield more than 31 days away from work. Wearing appropriate shoes for your environment can reduce your risk of injury from falls and keep you extra comfortable.


There you have it, our top work from home tips so you can be more productive during your working hours. Home office life can be easier and more challenging, but our tips will cut down on distractions and lost time. Make the most of this changing work environment and work from home with ease.


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