Dispatches from Elsewhere Episode 4 reaction | Woke!?

Another Dispatches From Elsewhere episode takes us down the rabbit hole and this is our episode 4 reaction. Fredwynn is woke and we don’t mean in the traditional sense. He’s questioning EVERYTHING and it’s all part of the JeJune Institute’s plan.


My Dispatches From Elsewhere episode 4 reaction dives into how Fredwynn is woke. I do not mean in the traditional sense, but in the diving down the rabbit hole sense. He’s a data miner and that’s exactly why he’s in this “game.” Check out our full Dispatches From Elsewhere episode 4 reaction video for every angle of this mystery.

Fredwynn is a trip! He’s anal, obsessive, and he lets his mind take him to crazy places. Dispatches From Elsewhere episode 4 showed us just who Fredwynn is. It’s not surprising, but definitely solidifies what his role is in this whole experience. Like everyone, he’s a pawn and the JeJune Institute and the Elsewhere Society placed all these details for him.

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For someone who is so in tuned with data and his mind, Fredwynn does not question why Octavio’s trunk was open. It was open for him. Octavio knew Fredwynn was in the trunk when he opened it. Fredwynn does not question that. That’s surprising, especially since he’s questioning everything else.

But then there is a flip side to this and that is how Fredwynn is so in tune with his “mind” that we, the viewer, should question what parts of what he’s experiencing are real. Since Fredwynn can go into his mind palace, what is he altering in there? What is he letting get into his thoughts from the JeJune Institute?

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I’m loving all the twists and endless possibilities for this show. Even almost halfway through this first season, I’m not exactly sure where this show is headed. Make sure you check out our full Dispatches From Elsewhere episode 4 reaction video and share your thoughts!



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