Regain your Running Motivation without stress and anxiety

running motivation

Losing your running motivation can be daunting. It can happen through sickness, pregnancy, or just life getting in the way. Finding it again doesn’t have to be a huge task and it starts now!


No matter what happened in your life to take you away from running, let it go. It doesn’t matter because today we find our motivation. If you’ve lost your running motivation due to sickness, life changes, pregnancy, or something worse, you can always get it back. Your running motivation might not even be completely gone. You may just be hitting snooze a lot, running fewer miles, or making yourself feel guilty. Leave those negative feelings in the past. Today we find our running motivation without stress and anxiety!

In order to find our motivation, we must answer some personal questions. Be honest with yourself, because assessing the questions and statements below will allow you to take a clear look in the mirror. Then you can find out truthfully why you haven’t been running as much, or stopped entirely.

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Why did/do you run? Answering this question is essential. For me, I love the way running makes me feel. If I run every day, then I have a major accomplishment under my belt every day. I always feel like I can take anything on when I’ve already gotten up and ran while most people are still sleeping.

What’s standing in your way? If I don’t run as much, there is always something standing in my way. There was a period during my pregnancy when I needed to let my sciatica heal because it was so painful running. Your obstacle could be something as obvious as mine, or it could be a mental block. Be truthful and find out what it is.



Take your time. Often times I want to push myself right back into running, but its best to give ourselves time. Even if you used to run a lot, just getting out there and running a few days a week is fine when starting back up. Setting your expectations too high can make it hard to get back into running and will hinder your motivation. The goal is to be better than who you were yesterday, not last month or a year ago.

Don’t compare yourself to others. This is the kiss of death. I used to secretly be guilty of this, but finally let it go. Running is such a personal experience and no runner is the same. Making a comparison to someone else can completely kill your motivation. And “someone else” includes who you used to be, because you’re not that person anymore.

Just have fun with running! If you run, or used to run, then you definitely loved it and had fun doing it. Remembering how fun it is can truly bring back your motivation. Finding something you like about the activity is crucial to your motivation. Taking running too seriously and not letting yourself have fun is silly. I always have fun running no matter what and I remind myself that I enjoy it daily!


Running is so rewarding, but it does take motivation to do it. If you’ve lost that running motivation, or it’s dwindling, then it can feel daunting to get it back. Let go of the wall and regain your motivation without making it this big thing. Just assess where you’re at, answer the questions above, and remind yourself that it’s fun!


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