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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 finale reaction. It’s all about Karma bitches! The season finale brought it and ended the season with a bang.


The Handmaid’s Season 3 finale reaction is here! It’s all about Karma bitches. June really stepped up in this episode. She was a bit lost for some of this season and she reeled herself back in and karma came around in the best way possible. Make sure you watch our full video right here!

Karma came around big time on everyone this season finale! June finally found her calling and no matter what happened she was going to get those kids out of Gilead. Nothing was going to stop her. She even got a bit carried away with one of the Marthas.

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I loved Commander Lawrence’s karma. He tries to control this whole situation with June, but June lays it down. She tells Commander Lawrence that this is not your house anymore and they are going through with the escape plan. Commander Lawrence falls in line, but he decides to stay in Gilead to see where the chips fall.

Throughout the episode we see this little girl who the first Martha brings over too early. She really wants to leave Gilead. Her Martha gets scared, June almost shoots her, but the girl stays and gets on the plane. At the end of the episode, she’s reunited with her father in Canada. This was the best karma for Canada and Gilead. Not only did June rescue over 50 children, but this girl got reunited with her father. I loved that!

What did you all think of The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 Finale? There will be major fallout next season. June is going to be out for blood, but who will be her first victim?



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