5 Reasons Secret Obsession is Perfect | Netflix movie review

Secret Obsession is perfect and we’ve got five reasons why! This new Netflix movie review harkens back to those classic, amazing Lifetime movies. Who doesn’t love a cheesy stalker movie?


Secret Obsession is perfect! We’ve got five reasons why in this new Netflix movie review! I absolutely loved this movie because it gave me all the feels of those classic Lifetime movies!

Our first reason is the plot. The classic tale of a women, Jennifer, who has amnesia, doesn’t remember her husband, but something just doesn’t feel right when she wakes up. Of course, prior to her losing her memory she was fighting for her life against someone who was trying to kill her. Jennifer does not remember who attacked her. I love these types of plots because they just embody the cheese factor!

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Another reason I love Secret Obsession is the acting! These style movies often have the cheesiest acting. Both Brenda Song, who plays Jennifer, and Mike Vogel, who plays “Russel,” nail the acting. They embody the cheese. It definitely added to just how Secret Obsession is perfect! Good cheesy acting that nails the genre.

I have to also mention the photoshop job within the movie. One plot point is that “Russel” photoshops all these pictures, adding himself to Jennifer’s life. One big question I had was how did he have the time to photoshop, if he was going to kill her? That plot point does not matter though. There is always at least one ridiculous thing that doesn’t fit, and the photoshop is that. Not to mention, its just an okay job!

These are just three reasons why Secret Obsession is perfect! We have two more that you’ll have to watch in our video. I vote for Netflix resurrecting the goodness of this genre! The cheese factor of this movie is just wonderful.

What did you all think about this film? Did I miss anything that you loved about the movie? How would you handle amnesia? Comment below with your opinions!


Secret Obsession

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