NFL Podcast ‘View from Section 323’ | AFC and NFC West Previews

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The ‘Section 323’ NFL podcast is back for another season of uncensored opinion. We kick things off with previews of the AFC and NFC West divisions.


NFL fans are typically vocal, but these two New York fans are worse. If an inter-city rivalry exists between the Jets and Giants, then Phil and Bud are it. The ‘Section 323’ NFL podcast covers the entire league with a New York focus. Both their teams have potential this season, but how does the competition stack up? We begin with previews of the AFC and NFC West divisions.

Will the Kansas City Chiefs dominate their division once again, or can the Los Angeles Chargers overtake them? Oakland and Denver only wish they were as good, but does that mean they both will be forgettable this season? What about the NFC West, where the Los Angeles Rams are ready to roll once again? Listen to our full AFC and NFC West previews for all the answers.

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You can also listen to this podcast via Podomatic or via iTunes. Then tune in for the 3 Man Booth live NFL debate show, featuring Phil and Bud, exclusively on the BuzzChomp YouTube channel. Dan Salem joins the ‘Section 323’ team for a true fan’s perspective of everything NFL.


Meet your Hosts:

Phil Sember is Chief Degenerate Officer (CDO) at BuzzChomp. He’s co-host of our 3 Man Booth NFL talk show, as well as the View From Section 323 NFL podcast. He’s an avid New York Giants and New York Knicks fan. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Buddy Seamon is a contributing writer at BuzzChomp. He’s co-host of our 3 Man Booth NFL talk show, as well as the View From Section 323 NFL podcast. He’s an avid New York sports fan, rooting for the Yankees, Rangers and Jets.  You can follow him on Instagram.


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