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Zombieland Double Tap out October 18th is the sequel to the hugely popular 2009 film. A sequel’s been rumored for years and now 10 years later it’s graced us with its presence. Will it be a must see?


Zombieland Double Tap comes out this month and my hope is that it’s a worthy sequel and not meh. Zombieland is one of those films that I consistently re-watch. It’s funny, has a great story, and I love the genre. The cast is absolutely fabulous too. Make sure you watch our full video here!

That being said, I’m not always excited for sequels especially when they come out years after the first one. Let’s not forget the lessons all movies can learn from Anchorman. Amazing first movie and a down right horrible sequel! The worst all and so my hope is Zombieland will not have the same fate as Anchorman 2.

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The exciting part about this movie is that time has passed therefore we’ll see how this makeshift family has evolved over the past ten years. What have they learned about this new world and what type of people have they encountered? This makes me so excited to see the film and think that is has great promise.

Bill Murray will be back in the sequel! Will he be a zombie now? Will he have been resurrected or saved? I can’t wait to see how they explain that one. Dan Aykroyd will also play himself in this film. It’s like a mini Ghostbusters reunion!

Zombieland Double Tap has a lot of promise and I’m already thinking it’s going to be great! When I watched the trailer it brought me right back to the first one. I love it when Tallahassee says “Nut Up or Shut Up.” Will he still be on the hunt for Twinkies or are they all gone in this Zombie world? Will Snowballs be his new favorite?



I can’t wait for this sequel and I hope it does not disappoint! Zombieland Double Tap is a must see! Let me know what you all think!

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