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Doctor Sleep looks scary as hell! Stephen King’s sequel to the Shining is out selectively October 30th and nationwide November 8th. Ready to be scared? I am!


Doctor Sleep, based on Stephen King’s novel that is the sequel to The Shining, looks beyond scary. Our preview is chock full of creepiness, with some extra special guesses as well. Personally, The Shining was one of the scariest movies I saw growing up. I legit watched it once and then was like no, I can’t do it again! It wasn’t until I was older that I realized just how great it is, despite the fact that Stephen King does not like Stanley Kubrick’s version. Make sure you watch our full video on the BuzzChomp YouTube channel!

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Doctor Sleep follows Dan Torrance, you know young Danny, as an adult. He still has the shining and a connection to those beings from long ago. He also inherited his father’s alcoholism, and it appears he’s drifting through life until he settles in a New Hampshire town and starts working at a hospital with young children.

Danny now has to protect a young girl with similar powers from a cult known at The True Knot, who suck the life force out of children with the shining! What will that mean for this film? There will definitely be a lot of connections to the super natural and we’re hoping a lot of scares!

I’m hoping that this film is another solid scare you to the bone Stephen King adaptation. It’s the second film adaptation for him this year and while It: Chapter 2 was enjoyable, it definitely wasn’t as scary as the original mini series. That is why I’m truly hoping that this film is scary and delivers!

I haven’t read any Stephen King novels, because I’m normally not into reading scary stuff, even though I enjoy the movies and TV so much! I’ve seen a lot of the Stephen King adaptations and so many of them are creepy and weird and really hit the right spots for horror films/TV.


Doctor Sleep is definitely on my list to see! Doctor Sleep looks scary as hell! What do you all think of this film? Are you excited to be scared?


Doctor Sleep

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