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JoJo Rabbit is a satire coming out October 16th! It’s definitely a bad ass historic romp. Even if you’re not into World War 2 films, this movie takes a peak through the eyes of a child Nazi named Jojo! The whole idea of the film makes me want to jump at the chance to see it.


JoJo Rabbit, a satire out October 18th, written, directed, and staring Taika Waititi. The premise of this film is a young boy, JoJo, in Hilter’s army finds out his mother is hiding a Jewish girl. The best part is that JoJo has an imaginary friend who is Adolf Hitler. JoJo Rabbit a bad ass historic romp that is a must see! Make sure you watch our full video here!

I’ll be honest, the Nazi/World War 2 genre is overplayed to me and saturated, but I love this take on it. Watch the trailer because there were moments that I chuckled right out loud. What this film does is it shows the side of all this from a little boy. What does JoJo really know about the war, but the world really? He shouldn’t be involved in these.

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That is really what makes this whole film appealing to me. Just from watching the trailer the film jabs at the whole subject. I love that. A little boy isn’t instinctively going to hate another child just because of their religion and who they are. Besides the obvious comedic factor of the film, there definitely is a heartwarming human connection to it.

I love how the film explores blindly following a group of people. There is definitely jabbing at the heard mentality and controlling the youth for your own political game. This definitely is an issue that currently is extremely present, but you can also see the extreme of it in our past.

I am suppose to see an early screening of this film this Friday. I can’t wait and I will definitely do a post reaction to the film. I’ll give you all the details, but just from watching the trailer I have high expectations and I can’t wait to see it.



Who else is as excited as I am to see JoJo Rabbit. It is a must see on my list of films this year!

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