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It’s time for our Gemini Man preview. This new Will Smith/Ang Lee film, is it is predictable or visionary? I want this movie to be awesome, but my verdict is out.


The preview for Gemini Man looks really good. It’s the new Will Smith/Ang Lee film and it’s the story of an aging hitman who finds himself with a hit out on him. There is a chase and boom the younger hitman looks exactly like him. Make sure you watch our full video here!

Since it’s in the trailer we know that he figures out pretty quickly that his young hitman was made by his DNA and knew nothing about him. The really cool part about this film is that the CGI of Will Smith as his younger self is awesome. He looks exactly like he did back in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air days.

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It’s also pretty evident from the trailer that older hitman is going to try to get younger hitman on his side to take down the man that did this to him. I feel like there still needs to be a twist here. That is what will make this film visionary and amazing.

My verdict is out on how this film is going to go. It could just be a solid action popcorn film, but then it could also be a let down. If there is a solid twist it could be visionary.

It’s so hard to tell from trailers now a days how an actual film will be, especially since this film gives away it’s first “twist.” The young hitman being a made from the old hitman. I want this movie to be super cool and amazing! That is my hope for it. I love a good Will Smith movie and I feel like we haven’t had one in a while.



What do you all think of Gemini Man? Will it be predictable or visionary? Watch my full video and let me know!


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