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Big Little Lies Season 2 definitely did not hold up to season 1. Throughout the whole second season I knew there was something missing. It’s time to analyze the missing link from Big Little Lies season 2.


Big Little Lies season 2 was definitely missing something. Season 1 was so dynamic and everything was completely flushed out. That wasn’t the case for season 2. The missing link is conflict. Now there was faux conflict in this season, but when you really break it down Big Little Lies was just wrapping up season 1. Make sure you watch our full video right here!

The big thing with Big Little Lies is that the ladies are all suffering from the secret they’re keeping. They all witnessed a mans death and none of them came to terms with it. It completely boggled my mind that it took almost the whole season for any of their close family members to even mention the trauma that they had suffered. For most of the season the women’s spouses or people close to them commented on how they changed, but none dived deep into the fact that they witnessed a mans death.

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The controversy that took place in the second season really felt forced. Take Celeste, Nicole Kidman’s character, for example. She definitely hasn’t completely come to terms with Perry’s death. We find out she’s taking ambien to sleep and she’s having a string of random lovers. Her mother-in-law, played by Meryl Streep, stays with her and is noticing her behavior. She also thinks she’s hiding something about Perry’s death.

The above is the backbone of the whole season and it definitely falls flat. It’s forced conflict and Celeste’s mother-in-law refuses to accept that her beloved son Perry was an abuser and rapist. Instead there had to be something wrong with Celeste. She isn’t being a good mother, so she tries to take away her twins from her.

The whole season doubles down on the fact that Celeste’s mother-in-law just can’t accept the way her son was. It comes down to Celeste having to attack her and turn the tables on her. She was abusive to Perry and she never came to terms with her other sons death.

Each of our leading ladies had a conflict that was extremely forced, but really the conflict was a resolution to season 1. The brilliance of season 1 was that this group of women came together in a time of need. They protected one another and came to the aid of a woman who was being terribly abused by her husband. They all weren’t friends, but in that moment they created an unbreakable bond.

Big Little Lies season 2 tried to break that bond, create drama that didn’t needed to be created, and when boiled down the missing link was the lack of true conflict. Check out our full video as we dive into each character from season 2.

What did you all think of Big Little Lies Missing Link in Season 2 and is this the last we’ve seen of the Monterey 5?


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