The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 1 | Greg is Dead

He’s already dead, but we don’t know how or why. Well I’m guessing its those hookers that did Greg in. Prove me wrong The White Lotus season 2.


Greg is dead! We have multiple dead bodies to kick off The White Lotus season 2, now in Sicily. Tanya’s back at the new resort with her husband Greg and Tanya’s gonna kill Greg! Greg is dead. He didn’t drown, he gets murdered. Tanya’s assistant spots Greg with those hookers and everything goes wrong from there. Stab stab stab. Harper is representing clients who are suing Cameron, I’m calling it now. Cameron strips down to his butt naked body for Harper. He’s also gonna get with them hookers. All of these cheating husbands are gonna get the slashy slashy from their not so thrilled wives. The White Lotus is about blood spilling in the water.

WATCH: My Reaction to The White Lotus S2E1

Another White Lotus resort and a new murder mystery to solve. Everyone in The White Lotus season 2 has dirty secrets and a reason to kill, so thankfully multiple bodies washed up on shore. Now we know several fantasies come true!

Greg is definitely dead. He has to be, right? Those dang hookers will be the downfall of several guests at the resort, but its too cliche for them to die. I’m waiting to get to know the staff better, because they were the best part of the first season.

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The White Lotus season is crazy, funny, and full of blood in the water. It’s not enough to die on vacation. These guests must torture one another first. Share with me your thoughts and make sure you watch our quick reaction.

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the white lotus season 2


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