Halloween Ends Should’ve Been Way Better!

Halloween Ends should’ve been way better! The final chapter in the Halloween saga lives up to its name. It sure does end it, but it has such problems throughout it.


Halloween Ends should’ve been way better! The final installment of the Halloween saga definitely lives up to it’s name. It ends the story of Laurie Strode and Michael Myers. There are major problems throughout the film.

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The beginning of the film is the best part of the movie. It starts of creepy, having us questioning what happens, and it sets up a tone for the film. It’s also the scariest part of the movie. The rest of the film gives no scares at all! That is the most dissapointing part of the film. It is not scary.

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A big issue with this film is that it doesn’t know what movie it is. It shows a dichotomy to a lot of other Halloween films. Laurie is no longer living in fear. It also dips into the idea of ever so slightly of the possession of Michael Myers. They teased it with the Corey story line. I would have loved if they actually had like a Curse of Michael Myers and Corey would have been the next “Michael Myers.”

I couldn’t help, but thinking at the end that they Freddy Kruger’d Michael Myers at the end of the movie. Sure they paraded him around, made sure everyone knows he done for, and they got rid of the body. But now they’ve opened it up for him to truly be an unstoppable, demon like force!

Halloween Ends should’ve been way better. It didn’t know what kind of movie it wanted to be. It definitely stayed true to this series of Halloween films of not being that good. Share with me your thoughts and make sure you watch our quick review.

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