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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Ep 8 is all about hypocrisy at best. It’s been a month since Serena gave birth, the Wheelers have Noah and she’s desperately trying to reunite with her baby. Irony is lost on her.


The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Ep 8 is all about hypocrisy at best. Serena gave birth to Noah a month ago and is now in a detention center. She desperately tries everything to reunite with her son. But the only solution for her is to go live with the Wheelers.


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The irony is lost on Serena. What she did in Gillead is done back to her, but in these moments she acts helpless. It takes June finally coming to visit her when June wants to know about New Bethlehem for her to realize she has to play the game.

June can’t see the hypocrisy in her own situation. Of course, Lawrence wants her to come to New Bethlehem. He has always used Hannah as a mean to control June. Gilead consistently does that. June’s so clouded by her desire to save her daughter that she can’t see that.

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The last minute save by the Americans, showing June and Luke where Hannah is and that they’re going to go and rescue. Of course, we has the viewer know there are two episodes left this season as well as one more season. No way they are getting Hannah out.

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The Handmaid’s Tale brings out the hypocrisy at best.. Serena can’t see the irony. June only has tunnel vision for Hannah. Share with your thoughts? Check out Ep8 review.



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