The White Lotus Episode 3 | Olivia Killed Paula

The White Lotus Episode 3 gave us more insight into everyone, but still didn’t give us a murder or killer. That isn’t stopping us from hypothesizing that Olivia killed Paula! If we’re going by Horror movie rules, Paula had the sex now she must die.


We’re halfway through the mini series The White Lotus with episode 3 giving us no murder or victim, but a lot to hypothesize! That is why I’m saying Olivia killed Paula. Let’s not forget horror movie rule 101, a person has sex they die! Make sure you watch our full reaction video!

This episode focused so much on sex and everyone’s sexual preferences, coming to terms with all of that. The reason why I think something happens to Paula is a large chunk of the episode focuses on Paula and Olivia. Paula hides her attraction to the waiter, sneaks out not once, but twice. The second time Olivia watches as Paula has sex with the waiter.

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I love the way this show is developing, the first episode I wasn’t super crazy about these characters, but now I’m hoping none of them die! Shane, even though he can be a dick, has grown on me. I can see how him and Rachel are together because she’s insecure and he is pretty open and honest about what he wants and why he wants something. He does give her a little jealously moment when he flirts with Paula and Olivia so that wasn’t cool, but I’m hoping Rachel has time to actually be honest with Shane and doesn’t end up dying.

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So much is still up in the air on The White Lotus. Episode 3 unleashed more of Tanya’s crazy and dragged Belinda deeper in. Armond spiraled even more and for sure made a dangerous enemy with Shane. The fallout of the boat is going to be epic! Knowing Armond he’ll make some sort of excuse and act like he didn’t know that would all happen.

The White Lotus episode 3 just teased the mystery, but I’m really digging this show. It’s interest, unique, and these people are showing their true color. Share with me your thoughts on this show and do you think Paula will die?

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