The White Lotus Episode 5 | Rachel is definitely Dead!

The White Lotus episode 5 brings everything to a crazy level! The robbery, Paula, Tanya, and the ridiculous of Armond shines bright in this episode. By the end though I definitely think Rachel is definitely dead!


Only one episode left in The White Lotus and the White Lotus episode 5 brought even more drama. Everybody gets pulled deeper into the abyss of this vacation. I’ve come full circle to my original prediction of Rachel in the coffin. After this episode, Rachel is definitely dead. Watch our full reaction video here.

That’s right I think Rachel is the person in the coffin. Girl is super unhappy with her life. I understand her plight, but I find her to be highly naive when it comes to her life. We are to believe that she got so swept up in her romance, planning the wedding, and all that that she never truly thought about what’d she do with her life with Shane. This is silly. I guess I can see women doing this, but I am definitely not one of them.

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When it comes to the mystery of this show, the biggest clue is how the season started. It started with Shane alone at the airport. That is enough evidence for us to keep coming back to Rachel in that coffin. I thought it was a murder, but it can totally just be an accidental death.

The drama in this episode is out of control. I had felt bad for Paula, but after what she did to Kai and the Mossbacher’s I have no sympathy for them. She did them all wrong and that’s not cool at all!

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Tanya upped her crazy game and once again treats Belinda so poorly. Belinda is blinded by the idea that Tanya wants to fund Belinda’s spa. This is so naive and girl is not going to fund Belinda’s spa!

The White Lotus was just renewed for a season 2! Super excited to see what type of vacationers will be with us next season. I can’t wait for the season finale on Sunday. Share with me what your thoughts on the season so far.


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