The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 | Nick Vs. Gilead

The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 is behind us, but I still want more. The season opened up so many possibilities for where the show can go. That’s why I think going forward it’s Nick Vs. Gilead. Nick definitely has betrayed Gilead and will betray them further!


The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 ended ruthlessly and it ended with a big Nick Vs. Gilead betrayal! That is why I totally think Nick will continue to betray Gilead and has continuously betrayed Gilead. Check out our full video detailing why and when Nick betrayed Gilead.

There is one reason why Nick continually betrays Gilead and that is of course June. It’s funny because even though in Season 3 Serena, so spitefully, tells June that Nick had a huge hand in helping form Gilead that still hasn’t stop Nick from just about always siding with June. There is of course the time in DC when Nick does not corporate with Switzerland even though June asks him to.

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Nick admits when June and meet up that he wishes he ran away from her. He gives her all the information on Hannah without June even asking. Though he knows her and knows that is the impetuous for their meeting. Still, Nick continues to help June, continues to put himself at risk, and even though he’s married he still will do anything for her.

The biggest betrayal to Gilead though is with Fred Waterford. Now maybe Gilead just wanted him dead and didn’t want to torture him or put him on display. Nick gives Fred to June for her and the other escaped Handmaid’s and Martha’s to get their revenge. This doesn’t feel like something that is in the best interest of Gilead. He takes Fred in as an eye and then lets June have her revenge. Let’s not forget that June is the number one enemy of Gilead. She got all those children out.

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Nick will always choose June. He’s show us that over the past four seasons. He continues to correspond with her, help her find a way to get her daughter, and lets her take revenge of Fred. Make sure you watch our full video and share with me your thoughts on Nick Vs. Gilead.


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