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It was inevitable, but all things are in Loki season 1. We have a new reality as the show hit a hard reset and “He Who Remains” is once again reborn. My episode 6 reaction. Epic science fiction.


He Who Remains orchestrated the entire thing, until Sylvie and Loki began butting heads. First they fought, then they kissed. Finally, Loki was evacuated from the citadel at the end of time by Sylvie, into a new reality. It was inevitable, mainly because this was the only way Loki season 1 could continue into season 2. Our Loki finds himself in the same place he started, only everything and everyone has changed. Watch our full reaction video for every detail.

The Time Keepers were the mask hiding He Who Remains from the TVA and his sacred timeline. A villain doing bad things for a good reason, or so he said. Once Sylvie murdered him we got time fractals and the multiversal war was reignited instantaneously. Loki season 1 ended as it began, but nothing is the same. Now He Who Remains, a worse version of him because there are infinite numbers, is in charge of the TVA and showboating his power like its no big deal. Where is Sylvie? Where is Ravona? Loki can’t recreate the sacred timeline by himself in season 2.

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You better start questioning your reality, because apparently the sacred timeline is already written. Does free will exist and is Loki proof that we control our destinies? Unlikely, but Loki versus Loki remains bad ass. This is what makes Loki season 1 so freaking cool. Anyone from the Marvel universe can find their way into the show, because time is inconsequential. Now if only Cable would show up, completing the time travel circle for good.

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