Start with this Amazing 30 Day Fitness Challenge!

It’s no secret here at BuzzChomp that we love the 30 day fitness challenge. Dan and I have done countless fitness challenges and the best one to start with is this amazing plank challenge. It prepares you for all future fitness challenges!

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Fitness challenges are the best way to create a fitness habit, especially if you’ve never had one or stepped away from yours. Most challenges last for a full month, so how do you know where to begin? Dan and I have done countless fitness challenges over the years. Some have been great, easy, moderate, as well as super intense! That’s why we know that you have to start with this 30 day fitness challenge!

The Plank Challenge

30 day fitness challenge
Start this challenge on a Monday for optimal timing.

The Plank Challenge is the first ever 30 day fitness challenge I did. It’s also one of my favorites. I used to take a yoga class where the instructor would go on plank kicks and push us to five minutes of plank. Most people dropped out before the five minutes, but Dan and I could hold it. This challenge will train you to hold it too! It was pure adrenaline and if Dan was still holding it, there was no way I would drop it. Around that time, I heard about this plank challenge and I decided to embark on its 30 day journey. I wanted to properly train for a five minute plank, as well as solidify my fitness for the long haul.

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First, don’t get scared off by the end result of a five minute plank. It takes 30 days to get there and along the way you have rest days. You build your strength up to a point where adding time is no big deal. The best part about this challenge is that it starts off slow with only 20 seconds on the first two days. It truly gives you a great foundation for completing this challenge, as well as future fitness challenges.

The pacing on this challenge is fabulous! It sets you up for success and builds a ton of confidence along the way. Even if you’ve never done plank before, you will be able to hold it for five minutes by the end. Yes, the challenge shows a man effortlessly holding plank, but adjust if you need. No one said you can’t do it on your knees, or split your time in half. That is still a great way to build strength without causing injury.


30 day fitness challenge
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels


Plank gives you amazing physical and mental benefits. My favorite part about plank is how confronting it can be, but starting out slow eases the challenge. Building your strength slowly over time will teach you to embrace being confronted physically and mentally! I find that since you don’t do 90 seconds of plank until halfway through this challenge, that the base you create makes it more pleasant. It’s also a huge accomplishment.

Find a buddy for this challenge. I did this challenge with Dan and it was nice having him there while we held plank. We didn’t do it every day together, since we weren’t always on the same schedule, but we talked about the challenge. We cheered each other on and did the last day together. It was absolutely fabulous having that support and mutual celebration.

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Do not look at the clock while you do this challenge. I have been guilty of this before, but setting your timer for the desired amount of time is so much better. Then you can just sit in it. Put some music on or if your buddy is in the room with you, then chat away. Trust me when I tell you that the best way to embrace this challenge is by not focusing on the time!

The Plank Challenge got me hooked on fitness challenges. I’ve done a new one just about every month since I started this challenge. I did challenges right up until I had both of my babies and they always keep me focused and give me a fitness goal for every month. Plus they push my body!


Start with this 30 day fitness challenge and you will not regret it. If you are like me and looking for a way to reach a fitness goal, keep yourself motivated, and push your body, then fitness challenges are for you! Share with me your fitness challenge success!


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