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peloton bike review

Our Peloton bike review is here! If you know me, then you know I love to run and workout and try new classes. Recently I tried the Peloton bike and it’s seriously a fabulous and amazing workout!


Up until recently I’d only heard the raves about the Peloton bike, but was unable to try it for myself. I’ve wanted to use one so badly and when I was finally lucky enough to hop on, it totally met all of my high expectations. My parents recently bought one, so I took full advantage over my summer vacation. I made sure I got a few solid workouts in so I could fully assess my feelings and judge the hype. Bottom line, the Peloton bike is a fabulous and amazing workout!

For a long time I thought I wasn’t a bike person, but then I was convinced to try Soul Cycle and it completely changed my mind. I loved the high intensity workout, the energy, as well as the loud music! Would the Peloton be the same? I knew I had to do a Peloton bike review and when I first hopped on the bike, it gave me major Soul Cycle vibes in all the right ways!

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Here is the deal with this exercise bike. If you buy a new one, then you get a year subscription to the app included. This is where all of the classes live, both cycling and otherwise, and the library is extensive. Then you have to pay a monthly subscription fee, but you won’t care. After just a few classes on the bike, I know I would totally continue to pay for the subscription. You can take live classes with other people, or take classes from the array of previously recorded classes. Some are scenic free rides, while others are set to music. Dan tried one of these through Hawaii and loved it.

The bike itself is pricey, but it’s a full workout station. It will replace your gym membership or other workout activities. I would of course keep running, but its addictive. Through the app there are strength training classes, yoga, and many other workouts. It’s worth repeating that this bad boy basically replaces your gym membership, yet it’s certainly not something you should just go buy because you think you might use it. Buying a Peloton means committing to your fitness. Please don’t let this amazing machine simply collect dust.



The Peloton bike is large! You definitely need the space for it. Four feet by two feet to be exact, with some clearance on all sides for safety. I would love to buy myself one immediately, but I’m still figuring out where to put it. Do we have enough space for it, because I don’t like staring at my workout equipment all day long? Yet its such a smooth ride and comfortable machine that I HAVE to make space for it in my home.

The best part about this bike is the app, because it has so many classes and workouts. You don’t actually need to own the bike to subscribe to the app. If you already have a stationary bike, then you can totally pay for the app and enjoy all the benefits of the classes without the $1800+ price tag for the bike itself. You can also upgrade yourself with shoes and a mat, or just buy them separately.

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The Peloton bike is like being in a fancy workout studio, yet you don’t have to drive anywhere. Remember when it comes to workout equipment, you get what you pay for. This is well worth the price tag and I definitely will be buying one of these for myself. It’s like investing in yourself and your fitness! You get what you pay for, so don’t skimp out and sell yourself short.

What else can I say about the Peloton bike review? I feel like I’m gushing over it, but there’s really nothing negative to share. I absolutely love the intense, difficult workouts that this bike offers! After just a 30 minute ride, I was drenched in sweat. That is my kind of workout. There is a variety, so if you don’t want those aggressive workouts, you don’t have to!


There’s no better way to commit to your health and treat yourself than with this bike. The Peloton bike is fabulous and amazing! It’s on my must list to buy as soon as I create the space. Share with me what you love about the Peloton bike!


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