Summer Running Prep for Maximum Enjoyment!

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Summer is the BEST time to go out and run, so what are you waiting for? If you need a little inspiration in the face of heat waves, summer storms, and humidity, then we are in this together! Summer running is the best and I’ve got your prep for maximum enjoyment.


Summer running is my absolute favorite, but that doesn’t make it easy. That’s where a little preparation comes in, because there is so much to look forward to. I love running in tank tops, shorts, and a cool summer breeze. The nice warm weather easily loosens my muscles and lessens the challenge of a run. It can also be an adjustment to run during the summer months, especially if you were running indoors all winter and spring. That is why we’ve got summer running prep for maximum enjoyment!

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Below are my mantras for great summer running. Pick your favorite time to run, then determine your purpose. How’s your running gear? Is it worn down from the winter months? A refresh may be in order. Grab some water, hold yourself accountable, and start running! Now is my favorite time of year to run, so join me on the best fitness adventure there is.


Summer Running Prep


Choose your favorite time to run

I like to run in the morning, so during the summer I do not need to adjust my running time. Running in the morning or evening in the summer is the easiest adjustment you can make when it comes to beating the heat and or humidity. Over the past year many of us changed our habits, meaning many runners got used to those nice lunchtime runs or late afternoon runs. In the summer those are the hardest, so if you want to run when it’s cool, you’ll have to adjust your time.

Determine your purpose for running

Coming to terms with your running purpose is essential to the longevity of your running journey. I know this can take a long time to figure out, so start small. I run because I love it and it makes me feel good. Running completes me and starts my day. It’s been years since I’ve run an actual race, but I don’t crave that. Sometimes I contemplate running a race, but that’s not why I run. There is always the thought inside of me that thinks I won’t enjoy the pressure of training and I don’t want that to keep me from enjoying the run. Make sure your purpose aligns with what makes you happy. If your purpose is training for races, then that is your thing!


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Refresh your running gear

I find that the best time for me to get new running sneakers and gear is the beginning of summer, as well as the beginning of the new year. Often I refresh throughout the year, but I need to replace my sneakers every six months. This always times out for me right around the holidays and right around the start of summer. Don’t let your sneakers cause you knee and foot pain. Getting new sneakers and clothes always invigorates my runs and lessens the strain of exercise.

Carry water on your run

With the summer heat and humidity, a necessity is a water bottle. Luckily for me when I run later in the morning during the summer, it normally involves a stroller. That means I can throw my water bottle at the bottom of the stroller and be good. Staying hydrated is crucial to your enjoyment of summer running. If you run longer runs in the heat and not in the morning, definitely assess your gear and your access to water. I have a camel pack that is great for running far with water. I can fill that up and put it on my back. Many people love using a running water belt too.

Hold yourself accountable

Running, like most physical activity, is not a casual endeavor. There is your stamina to consider, as well as adjustments your body needs to make in order to successfully run. You need to hold yourself accountable. Running once a week will lead you to eventually not run at all, because that is not enough to form a habit. I find that setting a schedule of when you want to run and keeping yourself to it is essential. If you’re new to your running journey, setting a goal of three times a week is great and an easy target to hit!


The best advice I can give any runner is to prepare yourself to run. This is especially true of summer running. Running is an activity that takes time for your body to get used to. Different weather, as well as terrain, affect your runs! Make sure you do some summer running prep for maximum enjoyment!


Meet our Summer Running Expert:

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