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Teaching Kids the Importance of Supporting Small Business In Your Community

supporting small business

Communities thrive off local shops and restaurants, so teaching your kids the importance of supporting small business is critical. Teach them how and why as they learn to appreciate what’s close to home.


We’ve all heard about the importance of supporting local businesses. Buy local, eat local, and visit local businesses. However, buying locally can be challenging at times. Whether in terms of price, availability, or convenience, its simply not as easy as it sounds. Don’t let that deter you from supporting small business, and certainly don’t let that stop you from teaching your kids how and why to grow your local community.

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Supporting local companies can be both beneficial and profitable. The impacts go well beyond your local shop owner and employees. When you support local businesses, you’re not only helping your community but you’re also helping yourself. Take a look at some of the best reasons why supporting local business is important for your kids to understand. Then read on for the best ways to impart this knowledge.


Top Reasons to Support Small Business


1. Good For Your Health

Purchasing locally grown foods has various health advantages for your family. When you buy from a small business in your community, you can be sure you’re getting chemical-free fruits and vegetables as well as other products. These may include good quality meat, fresh eggs, and dairy from cows who graze on local green grass every day. By supporting small business, you ensure these products remain available and affordable.

2. Stimulates the Local Economy

You are also supporting the local community by supporting a small business. Buying there helps to grow the local economy and keep local businesses thriving. It also keeps the region lively and bustling with shoppers and tourists. The business owner values community support greatly, and they often like to pay it back by participating in fundraisers and hosting special events to show their gratitude.

Coming together to spend money at a local business demonstrates that you value what they do for your community and the services they give. When it comes to purchasing from and owning a small business, the community’s support works both ways. Every purchase you make from one of these businesses helps the owner pay their employees, keep the lights on, and feed their families.

3. Creates Employment For Everyone

According to the U.S. Labor Department, 17.9% of people with disabilities were working in 2020 compared to 61.8% of those without disabilities. It’s important to support companies that employ people with a range of abilities and talents, especially locally. These tiny enterprises contribute to the creation and maintenance of jobs. You’re not only helping yourself when you support small companies; you’re also helping others who are at a disadvantage or without employment.


supporting small business
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels


How Do You Teach Your Kids to Support Small Business?

Small businesses are distinguished by their spirit, not by their scale. They innovate and construct things in the face of adversity because it is what motivates them. Passing on the importance of supporting small business in your community to your children is vital. Here are some simple ways you can do it.

1. Take a Walk With Your Kids

While out walking in your area, take a look around. With approximately 400 million entrepreneurs worldwide, is there a little grocer your child has never heard of in your own town? Have they been to an independent bookstore? Help them check out new shops, or encourage them to shop with their friends. They can even read online review sites to find new favorite local companies, too.

2. Talk to Them About Compassion

Teach your children to feel compassion for others. There’s never a bad time to start encouraging your family to do good deeds, and children are especially vulnerable. Talking to youngsters and teaching them to be aware of other people’s views, ideas, and feelings on a regular basis will help them develop compassion for others. This is especially important when teaching children about the significance of supporting small businesses. They need a little help developing a deeper sense of responsibility for the world around them.

3. Shopping As a Reward

Your kids can become regulars for small stores in your community that sell cheap items. For example, there may be a small video game store in your community that sells their favorite video games. With over 200 million copies of Minecraft sold in May of 2020, your kids may be interested in purchasing one or two used video games a month. These purchases can be rewards for cleaning the house or completing another important project at home.


It is important to support small business in your community. Whether it’s to help the economy now or to create a better world for future generations, as part of your parenting, you can start by teaching the next generation the importance of supporting your own local small businesses.

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