The White Lotus Episode 1 | Who Died? Rachel is Dead

The White Lotus Episode 1 reaction! The whole episode I kept thinking who died? By the end, my decision is Rachel is dead! Since this murder mystery showed us the end of the show first all we can do is speculate each episode who the potential victim is!


The White Lotus Episode 1 reaction! The new HBO Max TV show had us thinking the whole time who died? Showing us the end of the show first and it focused on Shane led me to believe that Rachel is dead. Every week we’ll hypothesize who is dead! Make sure you watch our full video!

The White Lotus had me hooked from the beginning. Episode 1 lays the foundation of the characters, but it also started with a slight bombshell. Shane, half of our newlywed couple, sits at the airport looking quite defeated and reluctantly banters with an older couple who discover that someone was murdered at The White Lotus. The body loaded onto the plane and then the episode jumps to a week earlier.

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The fact that the episode begins with Shane alone is our soul reason why we think Rachel is the dead body. There are no other details or clues given to deduce who it might be. The only other person we know having health problems is Mark, the husband of our rich married couple, who obsesses over his enlarged balls. He’s convinced he has cancer and will die like his father.

The great part about The White Lotus episode 1 is we truly see each character, who they are, what they are dealing with, and get little tidbits of the controversies they’ll experience on this luxury vacation! A favorite character of mine so far is Tanya. I love that Jennifer Coolidge plays her because she is fabulous actress! She is absolutely quirky and quickly becomes slightly infatuated with Belinda, the spa manager, who offers her a Reki massage. So far after 1 episode I do not want her to die!

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The White Lotus episode 1 really teased us. If you watched the scenes to come, this show is going to get crazy ultimately leading to someones death! For now the question is who is dead? After episode 1, I’m thinking Rachel is dead. Share with me your thoughts on this new quirky show!


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