4th of July Comedy Shorts from Pillow Talk TV

comedy shorts

Six hilarious comedy shorts to celebrate a wild holiday that loves explosions. Your 4th of July comedy collection from Pillow Talk TV. It’s okay to laugh, we promise.


4th of July comedy

Watch “Chatty Husband” comedy shorts right here.

What do you do when your chatty husband won’t shut up before bed? He just keeps talking! You really need to get to sleep. Feign interest and maybe he’ll mercifully stop talking.


4th of July comedy

Watch “Netflix and Basic Instinct” comedy shorts right here.

The only right answer to Netflix and Chill is… Basic Instinct! Load up the Douglas. Load up the Michael Douglas. Skip the endless browsing. Load up the Douglas.


4th of July comedy

Watch “Hey Google Robot Apocalypse” comedy short right here.

Hey Google, how do we prevent a robot apocalypse? “I have no information on that.” Of course she doesn’t! Google is planning something and no matter what we ask, she won’t answer.

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4th of July comedy

Watch “Sexy Time Poo” comedy short right here.

It’s sexy time, but something goes horribly wrong. You have to poop and it’s taking forever. Can your partner muster the courage to wait? Sexy time poop is no laughing matter.


4th of July comedy

Watch “V for Vaccinated” comedy short right here.

Are you? Am I what? You know… vaccinated. No one wants to ask and no one wants to answer. Flash the “V” and keep it cool. “V” for vaccinated!


comedy shorts

Watch “Snack Attack” 4th of July comedy short right here.

Let’s face it, couples are crazy. When the snack attack hits, there’s always a loser. Where’s my snack? Yes, please. Hand it over.



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