The White Lotus Episode 2 | Belinda is Dead

The White Lotus Episode 2 reaction is here. Belinda is dead! That is our hypothesis after watching episode 2. Find out why we think that and where this quirky show is going!


The White Lotus Episode 2 brought the story along further and our hypothesis is that Belinda is dead! No Belinda is not killed in episode 2 and the show still lays the ground work with a lot of character development, intrigue, and speculation. All of that gives us speculation as to who ends up in the body bag. Watch our full reaction video!

Episode 2 of The White Lotus gave us a bit more insight into Belinda, her views, hopes, dreams, and this creepy relationship that Tanya formed with her. Tanya’s grief, but also her emotional issues are all over the place in this episode. Finally feeling a physical release from her emotional burden, she thinks Belinda is her savoir.

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Tanya’s weird obsession with Belinda leads me to believe that Belinda is dead. Tanya’s relationship and obsession might as well lead to Belinda’s death. Belinda better watch out! Her closeness with Tanya as well as with Armond could lead to her untimely death.

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Armond spirals even more out of control. With Paula and Olivia’s bag of drugs, Armond questions his sobriety and then succumbs to the temptation. Armond and Shane are still battling, but it looks like with Shane’s most recent power play that him and Rachel will get into that suite. But let’s face it probably not!

So much good stuff happened in this episode, Rachel and Nicole’s awkward conversation. Rachel and Shane’s dealings. Quinn and Mark! Watch our full video for the whole breakdown and more of wife I think Belinda is dead. Share with me your thoughts!


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