The White Lotus Episode 6 | Shane Is Our Killer!

The White Lotus Episode 6 concluded the first season of this fabulous show! By the end of the episode we are shown that Shane is our killer. OMG! This show ended its freshman season with so much amazingness.


That’s right The White Lotus episode 6 concluded the first season of this amazing dramedy. This show got better and better with each episode. Of course the death and accidental murder is only reveal in the ending minutes of the final episode. Shane is our killer. Make sure you check our full reaction video.

This whole first season I looked at the mysterious death, that casket, as having to be one of the guests. But of course, all I had to do is take a step back and remember that the rich guests are not the ones who truly ever suffer. They get away with murder, accidental be it may, and continue on with their pretty wife onto the next destination of their honeymoon.

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Shane murdering Armond in the Pineapple Suite after Armond broke in and shit in his suitcase is extremely fitting. Armond spiraled this whole season. Shane’s privilege, attitude, and bravado pushed Armond over the edge. Their whole relationship pushed Armond so far that killed him.

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I love the commentary of this sect of society. The Mossbachers, Tanya, and our newlyweds have a life changing adventure in Hawaii that will end up just being an anecdote at cocktail parties. I definitely, before the second season, will be re-watching this season to see all the great details I missed.

The White Lotus episode 6 ended season 1 fabulously. RIP to Armond. Died in the pineapple suit being a crazy, self sabotage, drugged up man. Watch our full video and share with me what you thought about season 1 of The White Lotus.


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