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It’s time for our 5 Holiday diet tips! Break the holiday weight gain cycle that I know I used to do all the time. Here are 5 tips that will surely help you on your own fit mom health journey. Part of our BuzzChomp video series.


5 Holiday Diet tips that will keep you from partaking in the holiday weight gain cycle. When I was able to separate myself from that I’ve never felt better. It has also helped me reach new fitness and health goals. Before I was constantly working toward the same goals now I’m reaching new ones.

Everyone has a fitness and health story. Once you’re able to separate yourself from it and be free of past mistakes you’ll find where your success lives.

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My 5 holiday tips are not revolutionary, but they do start with you being mindful. Step 1 is to eat breakfast. Your mom always told you to and I’m sure your doctor tells you to. Think about that we sleep for 6-8 hrs and your body doesn’t get any food. You need to wake up and have something to eat. It keeps me from wanting to bite my hand off by lunch time. Be smart with what you eat like a bowl of oatmeal and fruit!

Check out our full video for all 5 of our tips. Be smart this holiday season and practice mindful eating. Share with me any concerns you have and I’ll be here to cheer you on.

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