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Crush the holidays with this amazing Vegan Eggnog recipe. Yummy and full of that sweet, sweet alcohol. What are you waiting for? Your cooking show comedy is Baking with Bitches!


It’s not a holiday party without liquor drinks, but this Vegan Eggnog kicks it up! Baking with Bitches makes an amazing Christmas cocktail that’s low in sugar, high on taste, and even higher on booze. Of course the alcohol is optional, but what kind of party is that? Huh bitch? Happy Holidays!

No-egg eggnog AKA vegan eggnog is the best damn liquor drink for your seasonal gathering. Everyone can enjoy it, plus its festive. So what are you waiting for? Start your baking, you bitch.

A comedy cooking show is the only way to make food, bitches. Full ingredients list below, so start your baking! Anyone can make vegan eggnog, but only these bitches make it funny.

Time to start baking. Best liquor drink ever bitches! Baking with Bitches. Over the top comedy cooking show, airing Fridays on Pillow Talk TV.

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