Running with your Baby in 4 Confidence Building Steps

Running with your baby is super rewarding, but it can definitely be daunting at first. Learning to do so is easy, as long as you have a solid plan.


I absolutely love running and was determined to continue to run as a mother. Nothing was going to stop me, so I set out to make a plan. I knew it would be tough, yet I made sure I was prepared. After two years of success, I can confidently call myself a pro. Running with your baby is ultimately easy, starting with these four steps!

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The most important way to successfully transition to running with your baby is to have a plan. It is completely different than running solo, and if you’re in it for the long haul, your baby will grow. As your baby grows, they get heavier, and running doesn’t get any easier. Stick to your plan.


First, run on your own

After you have your baby, make sure you first run on your own. Lucky for me, my husband was on paternity leave for eight weeks after our daughter was born. I ended up running for a month on my own prior to running with my baby. This allowed me to get my strength and confidence back, before changing things completely.

Then, find your stroller

There are a variety of running strollers, but the good ones all have a few things in common. I enjoy an all-terrain stroller and have used one from the beginning. Make sure to do your research, because if you start out running with your newborn, then you want to make sure your running stroller fits your newborn carrier, or you rig it to fit your baby with an insert. I went the insert route and my baby normally slept. She didn’t bounce around and was very secure. I added a blanket behind her head as well, until she got bigger.

running with your baby
View from behind the stroller!

Next, build up your stroller running

Running with a stroller is no joke and it can take its toll on you. Your mental and physical strength both need to be on point. In the beginning, run shorter amounts and be careful of hills. When I started running with my stroller, my husband and I would switch off. It was a nice way to work my way up and feel the difference between the two.

Always protect your baby

Running outside is challenging and drivers are not always aware of you. That goes double when you have a baby. I’ve greatly decreased my speed and I’m hyper aware of others, in order to protect myself and my baby. I’ve gotten hit a few times when running alone, and I refuse to let that happen with my baby.


Get ready to become stronger than you ever have before. Be prepared for your mental strength to blossom and your physical strength to take off. It might take you a bit longer to run your “normal” route, but it will definitely be more satisfying.


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