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Baby Jogger City Mini GT Review: Great All-Around Stroller

Lots of strollers tout themselves as great for running and everyday use, but after using the Baby Jogger City Mini GT for over six weeks, we can easily say its great at both! Our newborn daughter loves it too!


Mandi and I love fitness, as you can tell from our other BuzzChomp content, so when our daughter Maddi was born we wanted a great stroller to go running with. We love to run together and wanted to continue doing so. Now for the hard part; there are a ton of running strollers to choose from. Some are just for running and others claim to be good all around, but how can you know? We’ve been using the City Mini GT stroller by Baby Jogger for six weeks now, as well as a ‘regular’ stroller with newborn carrier attachment. The everyday difference is striking, but the City Mini is also excellent for running. It’s a great all around stroller.

Before talking everyday use, we’ll dive right into the running experience. This Baby Jogger holds the road very well, but when moving at a fast pace, it does weave a little bit. Unless you are on flat pavement, the city sidewalks are likely uneven and will cause the stroller to drift. This just means you need to have your hands on the bar and remain in control of the Baby Jogger. You should be doing this anyways! Bottom line, you can’t space out on your run because the stroller requires your attention. But it’s also carrying your child, so this is not an actual issue.

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The City Mini GT stroller moves smoothly on the road and handles bumps very well. The shocks are solid and its light weight, so you don’t feel like you are pushing a ton of extra weight. It is more work to run with a stroller, no matter what kind you’re using. You have to be more mentally aware of the environment and yourself, including the stroller, as well as use more physical effort to actually push your baby and the stroller at a solid pace consistent with how you normally run. We found it fun though! You are out running with your little baby, creating a whole new experience for your entire family.


Baby Jogger City Mini GT – $287.99 plus Free Shipping and Returns


Some other running-only strollers may hold the road a bit better, but considering how well the City Mini GT holds up on an everyday basis, this is the best all-around stroller we can recommend. We also have a stroller with a newborn carrier that snaps in. The carrier is awesome and the ability to snap it into your stroller is a huge convenience, so if you can get the City Mini attachment for your carrier, definitely do it. Otherwise we recommend this stroller, because its infinitely better than our ‘regular’ non-running stroller.

When walking on city streets or through shopping malls, this City Mini GT moves effortlessly and goes exactly where you want it to. The ‘regular’ stroller gets carried by every groove and bump, weaving all over the place. It doesn’t turn that easily and feels flimsy at times when bumping around parking lots and pavement. The Baby Jogger is built for running, so it’s wheels and shocks handle normal use like a champ. Its lighter and folds up easier than a ‘regular’ stroller. Plus, you don’t have to think twice about where you take it or how you use it. Its made for running, so walking is second nature.

We love having a newborn carrier for our daughter, but she won’t be a newborn much longer. That means our ‘regular’ stroller goes into a closet, because our Baby Jogger is the real deal. We love it for everyday use and for running. It comes in several different colors and arrives nearly assembled. It’s a great all-around stroller.


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