Only Murders in the Building Season 1 Ep1-3 | Zoe’s Sister Killed Tim

Don’t be fooled by the red herrings throughout Only Murders in the Building, because I know the true killer of Tim Kono… Zoe’s sister who has yet to be revealed! This is true crime brought to life in a hilarious murder mystery. My episode 1-3 reaction and more.


True crime is a farce in this very real murder mystery turned podcast TV show. Only Murders in the Building features three weirdos who are all alone and obsessed with death. Who killed Tim Kono? It’s likely Zoe’s sister, who is someone we have yet to meet. Or maybe it’s Sting or Depressed Cat Daddy. No way, because it’s definitely one of the Hardy Boys’ family who killed Tim Kono.

Beyond the obvious murder mystery are the plethora of secrets surrounding Charles, Oliver and Mabel. Only Murders in the Building is twisted, dark, and hilarious. Mabel holds enormous secrets and we definitely saw her kill someone in episode one. If only all murders were this funny.

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Do you know who killed Tim Kono? Why are our three “friends” keeping so many damn secrets from one another? Can their true crime podcast become an actual success? Unlikely, but I bet they solve the murder. Someone else is getting killed as well, so let us know your thoughts on the murders to come. This true crime is too real, but perhaps not real enough.

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