Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 5 | Haunted Reality

Nine Perfect Strangers episode 5 explored the haunted reality of this grieving group. This episode got weird, but it is so good! There were some major breakthroughs with everyone!


Nine Perfect Strangers episode 5 finally released from its slow burn. The haunted reality of our group revealed even more adding new layers to this unusual show. Make sure you check out our full reaction video.

I’m really digging on this show. It’s taking a while to unfold, but right now I think Protocol 2 is everything that’s happening. It’s not just the smoothies and adding in the microdosing, but letting Masha’s journey seep into the guests as well as Dee and Yao experiences.

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Zoe haunted by Zach this whole episode. Of course they were close and of course everyone around her is treating her like a victim. She needed to let go of all that and see Zach, experience, and embrace him. At the end, we see her and Masha embrace over her transformation.

Frances has a huge transformation by accepting that when she hallucinates her ex guy. All of the issues he has with her is her own self doubt. She needs to realize she is talented and she deserves real love. The end with her and Tony is great!

Mandi and Dan love TV and Movies!

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Nine Perfect Strangers episode 5 got weird! It did show us how Masha’s approach is helping everyone in the group and that includes Delilah and Yao, even herself. Make sure you watch our full video and share with us your thoughts!


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