Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 4 | Overdose

Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 4 revealed Protocol 2 and led to some major emotional overdose! Halfway through this mini series and the mystery lies 100% with Masha! A slow roll to this show, it’s finding its groove.


Nine Perfect Strangers episode 4 enters protocol two and everyone has an overdose of emotions. This show definitely slow rolled itself, but already halfway through this mini series and the mystery lies 100% with Masha. Someone is after her, it could be a guest, but more likely someone who’s already infiltrated Tranquillium. Make sure you watch our reaction video!

There is definitely something peculiar about this show, its guest, staff, and Masha, the lifestyle Guru of Tranquillium. She reveals that Protocol 2 is microdosing mushrooms into those special smoothies. I’m totally okay with everyone’s acceptance of it. It’s not surprising that that’s what it was.

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Tranquillium and the guests are a byproduct of Masha. Masha went through her own death, re-birthing into this person. Now she shares her knowledge of breaking oneself down to become your new self. While Masha helps these people, there is someone tormenting her.

I do not think any of the guests are here for revenge on Masha. Frances, The Marconi’s, Ben and Jessica, Carmel, and even Lars truly appear to be hurting and want to help themselves. Lao and Delilah truly seem to enjoy working there and even though there is this weird relationship with them and Masha I don’t think any of them want to hurt.

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My guess for who is stalking Masha is Glory. The person who makes the smoothies and tells Frances that Masha is the real deal. We don’t know anything about her, she seems to just be around, and she has access to everything!

I’m really digging on Nine Perfect Strangers. Like I said it’s a slow roll, a bit peculiar of a show, but I definitely think in the end the payoff will be worth it. Nine Perfect Strangers episode 4 sent us an overdose of emotions. Watch my full reaction video and share with me your thoughts!


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