Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 6 | Bombshells

Nine Perfect Strangers episode 6 is all about the bombshells! So much more information we learned and it really pushed this show to the next level! It took this show a bit to get its pace, but it totally found it and exceeded my expectations.

Nine Perfect Strangers episode 6 drops bombshell after bombshell. Sometimes a show can drop a lot of info into a few episodes and it can be too much, but with Nine Perfect Strangers I definitely want more. Make sure you watch my full reaction video.

The whole reveal about the Marconi’s and Masha is crazy! Masha lost her own daughter and I’m wondering if Protocol 2 is completely about allowing her to learn how to always connect. She definitely thinks that the Marconi’s can show her how to contact Zach and she’ll be able to contact her daughter.

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I absolutely love Frances and Tony. I’m here for any and all story lines they want to throw my way with them. They are both definitely benefiting from their time at Tranquillium and I love it. It’s so cute and fun.

Mandi and Dan love TV and Movies!

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This show got so good! I’m digging the whole direction Nine Perfect Strangers heads in to. I’m here for where ever this journey goes to. Episode 6 is bombshell after bombshell. It’s so good! Share with me your thoughts on this crazy show!


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