Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 8 Series Finale | Surprise Ending

Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 8 Series Finale has a surprise ending. That is not a knock on the show as I thoroughly enjoyed this miniseries! I loved that the ending is happy and hopeful.


Nine Perfect Strangers is definitely a wild ride and that made the ending even better. Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 8 series finale is a surprise ending and I’m totally here for it! It could have been extremely easy especially in this current climate to go all negative. Make sure you check out our full reaction video.

This series could have gone really negative and I love it that it explored very intense and difficult themes. The cast of characters are deeply broke. They truly need the extreme measures that Masha took them to. In the end, they don’t begrudge her or feel wronged. They heal.

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I truly love that the Marconi’s were able to heal, let go of blame, and move past Zach’s suicide. Suicide is such a hard subject to come to terms with. Heather, Napoleon, and Zoe all felt blame for Zach’s suicide. They needed those moments with him, but also together, to embrace that none of them were at fault. Nine Perfect Strangers episode 8 series finale could have made a mess of this, but it truly gave them the ability to forgive themselves.

Nine Perfect Strangers is based off a novel, but I did not read it. I’m not sure if it’s true to the novel or not, but I definitely feel like this series is true to the weight of the issues it explores. No matter what Carmel did, all she wanted to do is get revenge on Masha. She didn’t necessarily want to kill her, but she tormented her. It wasn’t until Carmel was put into that room that she could truly understand that she had to forgive herself then she could move on.

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The way all of the characters ended fit the journey they worked through at Tranquillium. I like the way Nine Perfect Strangers did that and really felt like it showed us that sometimes people do need to embrace extreme forms of healing when they experience extreme forms of grief!

Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 8 Series gave us a surprise ending. It actually ended happily and gave us hope for all of these characters especially when they came to Tranquillium with so little hope. Share with us what you thought of this series finale!

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