I Know What You Did Last Summer Episode 1-4 | The Ultimate Red Herring

I Know What You Did Last Summer episode 1-4 is the ultimate red herring show! Amazon’s new re-imaging of the 1997 film as well as the novel baits you in with the I know what you did last summer premise. It does have some shining moments so far and I generally want to unravel the mystery.

I Know What You did Last Summer episode 1-4 dropped on Amazon and the show is the ultimate red herring. The initial premise is extremely similar to the 1997 film. A group of teens accidentally hit someone, dispose of the body, lose touch, and a year later they begin to be stalked and picked off one by one. After four episodes there is a mystery that is not at all like the original film. Make sure you check out our full review.


Why do I say it’s the ultimate red herring? The whole first episode sets up what happened “last summer.” The twin switcheroo, the cover up, the friends dynamic, and all that. Initially they want us to believe that whoever is sending them text messages is Allison aka Lennon. We know that by episode 4 there is no possible way that it’s Lennon sending those messages and killing people. She is dead and her body washed up.

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Four episodes in, four people are murdered, but really only one of them has a direct connection to Allison aka Lennon. That’s why I think that this whole thing has something to do with what Lennon was involved in with her Only Fans sex tape stuff. There is definitely a seedy underbelly to this Hawaiian town and the death of “Allison” aka Lennon unearthed it all.

There is definitely some occult stuff going on with the Clara who took Lennon’s body and was saving it. Bruce goes right to her after Lennon’s body washes up. That mystery definitely needs to unfold in the next four episodes.

I do think that marketing this show as “I Know What You Did Last Summer” definitely did it some injustice. There were a lot of preconceived notions I had prior to watching this show. Even though there is definitely someone hunting these teens, this show doesn’t have that slasher vibe that engulfed the movie .

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Amazon dropped half the season to hook its viewers. I definitely am intrigued by the show and shedding my I Know What You Did Last Summer hang up with it. I’m curious as to how all these murders are related and why this mysterious A like character pretends to be “Allison” aka Lennon. I’m sure they know that our current Lennon is really Allison.

I Know What You Did Last Summer is the ultimate red herring. Make sure you check out our full reaction video to the first four episodes. Share with me your thoughts and theories on this show!

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