Only Murders in the Building Season 1 Ep4 | Secrets Exposed

Mabel’s secrets are evil and deep as she disappears after Zoe’s murder, only to appear when Tim is killed. Is she the real jewel thief? How come no one remembers these wild kids? Only Murders in the Building exposes secrets. My episode 4 reaction and more.


So many secrets, but none more confusing as to why the Only Murders in the Building podcast was stolen! I knew Zoe died in their building, which was “coincidentally” the last time Mabel was around. Now she shows up and Tim dies as Oscar is released from prison. These are some shady secrets!

Charles revealed his heartbreaking past to Jan and why he’s followed by Looney Tunes hallucinations. Oliver forced Sting to reveal his own dark secrets. Did Sting buy Zoe’s old apartment? Is Sting Zoe’s father? He owns an entire floor of the building, as did Zoe’s family. How many people own an entire freaking floor? Not many. Only Murders in the Building season 1 is wild true crime comedy at its best.

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Do you know who killed Tim Kono? Why are our three “friends” keeping so many damn secrets from one another? Can their true crime podcast become an actual success? Unlikely, but I bet they solve the murder. Someone else is getting killed as well, so let us know your thoughts on the murders to come. This true crime is too real, but perhaps not real enough.

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