How To Turn Your Kids Bathroom Into a Functional Space As School Begins

kids bathroom

There is so much you can do with your kids bathroom, especially when it comes to function. Personalize and decorate after ensuring their bathroom is fit to size.


When you have children, new ways to get organized and save time are exciting. This is especially true when it comes to school. You can make the school year easier by improving morning routines with a better-organized kids bathroom. Not only that, but upgrading their bathroom will simultaneously improve the resale value of your home. You will typically earn back about 70% of the renovation cost whether you add a bathroom or update an existing one. That means you win now and later by improving one of the most traveled rooms in your home.

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In order to get started and turn your kids bathroom into a truly functional space, we’ve put together some design tips. A lot of DIY is truly approachable, so have fun while you make these upgrades. Before you know it, your kids bathroom will feel like new and become the most functional bathroom for your kids.


Kids Bathroom Design

When designing a bathroom for children, keep in mind flow, color, and accessibility. Of the 28 million US small businesses, over 700,000 are construction or remodeling firms, so choose wisely. If you need to make an existing bathroom accessible for a child in a wheelchair or using a walker, then you need a contractor who will work with you on making the bathroom fun and functional. There’s more to it than widening the doorway and adding a couple of grab bars, so be sure you maintain open communication throughout the remodel.

Construction falls into the 12 essential industries established by the government during the pandemic, so you can certainly find a qualified designer and construction crew among the 55 million Americans employed in essential industries. Review their online portfolios, read all the reviews, and check their references. Don’t be afraid to speak ask about their prior jobs either, because you want to be sure your home is in the right hands.

Once you choose your construction partner, work with them to design what your kids will love. This is the room in which they will learn good health and hygiene, brush their teeth, as well as someday get ready for their first dates and proms. Initially, the kids bathroom might be where you potty train them or they get ready for their first day of kindergarten. If it also doubles as your guest bathroom, then pay extra attention to the details.


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Kid Friendly Fixtures

Start with a sink and vanity that provides you with the room to sit a small child next to the sink while you grab items and organize. If you have more than one child, purchase a double sink vanity. If you haven’t space for a vanity, choose a trough sink with two spigots. This ensures a wide enough space to accommodate both kids at the same time, with two separate faucets so each can have their own water source.

In rooms with a vanity sink, choose an option with a pull-out bottom step drawer. These hearty drawers actually work as a step stool for small kids. This saves you space in a small bath and lets them reach the faucet to brush their teeth and wash their face by themselves. If you have a trough sink or pedestal sink, you can stash a stool in the bathroom so they can stand on its sturdiness to reach an adult-level sink.

Decorating the Bathroom

Go with a neutral tone, like white, gray, or beige, for the bathroom’s walls. Add an accent color to it using items you can easily change as your child ages into adulthood. These include the shower curtain, bath rugs, and artwork. Other items like tooth brush holders and soap dispensers can also be customized and personalized.

Use dark grout on the floor so it shows less dirt. When tiling the shower and bathtub, continue the tile on the wall behind the toilet and the sink. The backsplash will wipe clean, and that means a lot when you need to quickly clean a bathroom.

Kids Bathroom Accessories

For small children, choosing a theme is a fun idea for their bathroom. An aquarium, zoo, dinosaur, or video game-themed bathroom are some ideas to consider. Choose a matching shower curtain and bath rug. This provides a fun element that you can easily switch out when they express distaste in a few years.

Use a vanity with a bevy of storage options so the kids can find their own washcloths and towels. If you have no vanity sink, stash attractive rattan baskets under the sink for organizing these items. Hang towel racks and towel hooks in a few spots in the bathroom so everyone can reach a towel. This also provides space for drying them before they go into the hamper. That stops mildew from forming and helps control bad smells. It also comes in handy when they have friends spending the night.


You can easily transform your spare bathroom into a child-friendly bathroom, or give your kids bathroom the overhaul it craves. Give them a space to call their own, where they learn proper hygiene and help themselves by making it easier for them to get ready for school. With these tips, your kids bathroom will be an ideal space for back-to-school season and beyond!


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