Fear Street Part 3 1666 Brilliantly Closes Out Trilogy!

Fear Street Part 3 1666 brilliantly closes out trilogy! Before I watched all this trilogy, I could have never guessed that it’d go this way. Good twists and a really well thought out horror series.


Fear Street Part 3 1666 brilliantly closes out trilogy. It’s truly a fun, wild, interesting series with fun twists. I love how they did this and others trilogies should take note. The whole strategy and style I absolutely love!

My 30 Second Review

The twist of this film is perfect and it’s great that they bring back all the actors to play characters in the 1666 flashback. That is absolutely brilliant and really tied all three films together. I loved learning more about Sarah Fier and figuring out what the whole curse is.

I can’t say enough good things about Fear Street Part 3 1666 and the whole trilogy. They shot all three films back to back, which is always the way I think trilogies should be shot. I love the home base of the story taking place in 1994 and while the third film is titled 1666, there is still a portion of it in 1994.

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The acting again is really fabulous and Ashley Zuckerman, who plays Nick Goode, is really great in these films. I kept wondering how I know him and then I realized he’s on Succession too!

If you have not watched all three films do yourself a favor and go watch them right now. Fear Street Part 3 1666 rounds out this trilogy perfectly! Make sure you watch our quick review and share with me your thoughts!

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