Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 7 | Truth Bombs

Nine Perfect Strangers Episode 7 dropped major truth bombs! This show ramped itself up once again to gave us so much drama prior to the limited series finale! It boiled down to Masha and Carmel.


Nine Perfect Strangers episode 7 dropped those major truth bombs and I absolutely love the direction this show went in. It definitely started as a slow burn, but now we’re deep into the drama and I don’t think Masha is coming out alive! Make sure you watch our full reaction video!


It’s all come down to Masha and Carmel. That’s right, Carmel is the one who stalked Masha, shot Masha, and now wants to finish off what she started. I did not think Carmel was the stalker. Even after episode 6 and her sharing about Masha having the affair with her husband. Masha having that affair with Carmel’s husband set Carmel’s live into a whole other direction. She blames Masha for all of her husband infidelities.

Carmel and Masha’s truth bomb wasn’t the only one. Masha reveals to Lars that she wants him to document the day and everything that goes down. This includes the psychedelic Zach experience she’s going to create with The Marconi’s, who by the end of the episode are definitely nervous about the experience.

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Frances exposes her insecurities about furthering a relationship with Tony. This was a truth that I definitely did not like. I think Frances and Tony are one of the good things to come out of this Tranquillium experience. Frances is definitely scared of having a failed relationship with Tony, but also having a successful one. What does that mean for her.

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One truth, that was pretty evident, is that the doses are too much for everyone. Everyone is feeling the major affects of the psychedelics and it’s messing with their minds. This will make for a crazy series finale this week!

Nine Perfect Strangers episode left us completely hanging. The finale will be crazy. It’s looking doubtful that Masha survives and I don’t think Carmel does either. Especially after Delilah peaced out to get the police. Share with me your thoughts on this crazy show and make sure you check out our full video reaction.

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