Fear Street Part 2 1978 Great Gory Slasher Horror!

Fear Street Part 2 1978 is great gory slasher horror! The second installment in this trilogy is even better than the first. The film is fun, dives deeper into the curse, and is so great to watch!


I thoroughly enjoyed Fear Street Part 1 and eagerly looked forward to watching Fear Street Part 2 1978! My expectations were high and they completely were met and exceeded! It’s a great gory slasher horror film and I’m here for it.

My 30 Second Review

Feat Street Part 2 is definitely a mixture of Friday the 13th and It. They really nail this slasher genre once again and are able to seamlessly meld in the Sarah Fier curse! There is also the little twist of which sister is actually the sister that we meet in 1994. Both of their names end up starting with a C, but I figured Ziggy was C. Berman who tells us the story.

The acting once again is really good. I loved both the girls who play sisters. They really had great chemistry together and depth in their characters. The guy who plays the boyfriend Tommy is really good and I truly felt bad for his possessed character.

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Once again the music is spot on. It was so fun that they kept coming back to “Cherry Bomb.” There are so many great stereotypical characters that don’t end up feeling stale. The deaths are also well placed, gory, and totally fit in with the genre!

Come back for our Fear Street Part 3 1666 review! I’m truly digging on this trilogy and I love that they released all these films back to back. Make sure you check out our quick review and share with me your thoughts on Fear Street Part 2 1978!

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