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No matter how busy you are you’re not too busy for our Fit Mom quick workout. It’s all about planks and burpees.

This workout is not just regular planks and burpees. It’s a minute of commander planks. What is commander planks? It is plank to forearm plank. You just go down and up for a minute! It gets so intense!

Not only do you do commander plank but you also do push up burpees. What are those? Those are our new school burpees that we did for our 15 day challenge. You’ll do this for one minute too. It’s going to be tough but do them slow and you’ll feel awesome.


Make sure you rest in between but don’t do it for too long. Make your max two minutes. This is a five set workout. In the end this will be a 10-20 minute workout. You’ll get an awesome cardio workout without running!

Dedicate yourself to working out 20 minutes a day. It’s not long at all. The time you spend doing this quick workout is the time spent working for on yourself. All of us busy mom’s need that time for ourselves. Don’t let go of your you time ladies!

Fit Mom quick workout is perfect for all of you busy mom’s out there!

My Fit Mom Journey Continues!

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1 Comment

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