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Christmas is a time to go crazy! We have another original holiday song and music video starring a funny little girl who is Christmas obsessed. Go crazy!


We’re going Crazy for Christmas! Think Jingle Bells with a funk, acoustic twist. One little girl loves Santa’s holiday more than words itself. Dancing, screaming, running and jolly fun are what Christmas is all about. Let’s go crazy!

Mandi Mellen sings and plays ukulele for another original song written by Dan Salem. Mandi wrote the music and Dan dove down the rabbit hole for these crazy lyrics. What better way to celebrate Christmas than by going crazy? Dance to your heart’s desire!

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How do you celebrate Christmas? Do you dance around the tree or make out under the mistletoe? Some holidays are pure joy, no matter how you share the love. That’s why we’ve written a song to embody just how amazing this particular day makes us feel. Jump up and dance!

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