Little Women 2019 Review | Fresh Retelling of Classic

The newest adaptation of ‘Little Women’ is a fresh retelling on the classic tale! Being impartial to the 1994 Wynona Ryder version, I was skeptical at first, but this retelling takes a new look at this story and that made me enjoy the film so much more than I thought I would!


Greta Gerwig captures the spirit and actually gives ‘Little Women’ 2019 a lighter feel than previous versions. The non-linear approach to the story gives this newest adaptation of ‘Little Women’ a fresh retelling on the classic tale. For me, this made me enjoy the film so much more than I ever thought I would. Check out full video for our Little Women 2019 review.

Let me first start by saying that the 1994 version of ‘Little Women’ is one of those films that I’ll put on every time it’s on. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen the film and having saw that film as a child it was my jam! Last year, I re-read the novel too, which gave me a whole new perspective of the 1994 film version as well as the novel itself.

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I found that the 1994 version never truly flushed out adult Amy and that made her love relationship with Laurie feel off and rushed. My hopes for the new film was that they would rectify that relationship which they definitely did!

I love to analyze the casting of films and I will say that I love Laura Dern so much and she was absolutely flawless in ‘Marriage Story,’ but her modern take on Marmee did not work for me. The evolution of Beth, played Eliza Scanlen, was nonexistent. That felt like such a shame because in the 1994 as well as the novel Beth is such an important tool to the story.

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My favorite part of the casting was Amy, played by Florence Pugh. I will say that I wasn’t a fan of her playing the young version of Amy. Not because she didn’t do a fine job. I felt that I loved how the 1994 version had two Amy’s, a young and an old. Kirsten Dunst played the young version and her Amy was so flushed out. Pugh, really brought such life to Amy even though it was a stretch for her to play so young. I always felt the older Amy fell flat in the 1994 version. This time Amy finally got her due. Her relationship with Laurie was not forced as I always felt it was in the film version. Her character was full and naturally shed her spoiled ways.


For me, I always thought no one could play Jo March like Wynona Ryder, but Saoirse Ronan brought so much life to Jo March. She definitely took a different take to Jo. While Wynona’s version fought against who society wanted her to be, Saoirse, Jo let go of what anyone thought she should be and went out there to get what she wanted. Even when she was knocked down she got right back up. While by no means did Saoirse play Jo modern, there was that modern sense of going after what you want and doing so at full force. It was such a refreshing take to Jo and I thoroughly enjoy her.


‘Little Women’ is definitely a fresh retelling of a classic tale. I loved seeing the differences between the 1994 version and the novel. The way the story was told really brought such a different spin to this film. Greta Gerwig completely made this film her own. Check out my full review of ‘Little Women’ 2019 and let me know what your take on this new film is!

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